University With The Best Psychology Faculty in The World and Get The Scholarship

A1AppStudio – There are also faculty of psychology, the best in the World which might be interesting for You to know. The department of psychology has a diverse range of subjects interesting and the prospect of a promising career. Don’t be surprised if the department is much in demand both by the people of Indonesia and abroad.

Formerly the Faculty of Psychology best to provide information regarding the sequence of the faculty of psychology in Indonesia, the following list of University with the faculty of psychology of the best in the World to offer a superior quality in terms of the Psychology program.

A list of the Faculty of Psychology, the Best in the World

Stanford university, which is interesting, universities in the Uk provides an opportunity to learn in the department of Psychology to education on top of S3.

University College London (UCL), returned to England again, UCL is one of the most prestigious college that offers institutions a graduate of the biggest in the Uk.

University of California, Berkeley (UCB), it is known as the public research university, and have a strict selection for those who want to become students there. That’s some of the faculty of Psychology, the best in the world, it is not impossible if you want to study there as long as it actually intend and are determined to be at the university with a major in psychology the best.

Harvard university, Harvard university is ranked 3rd in the world for this year. 2021 according to a survey conducted by QS WUR. In addition to being the best in the field of Management and Business, Harvard University also reliable for those who are interested in Psychology program. Harvard Psychology is one of the most popular.

Cambridge university, a prestigious university is a world that you can’t underestimate! You really need to enter the list of the university of Your dreams, especially for those of You who intend to take the Psychology program. University of Cambridge entered in the ranking of the 10 best universities in the world according to the QS WUR 2021, exactly on the timeline to a-7.

The university of Oxford, its commitment to teaching and research is considered to be more superior. Regardless of program of study that busy, Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford accustomed to hold four to five research seminars each week.

Quite a lot of selection of scholarships for friends who recommended continuing the study of S2 in the Netherlands. Scholarships are awarded for a variety of departments in the Faculty of Psychology and neuroscience Maastricht University. This scholarship freeing tuition of 100% for the recipient during the normal period of study.

General Requirements:

  • Major deggree graduate from universities outside the Netherlands
  • Have the academic achievements of the great
  • Not being or working in the Netherlands
  • English (with a TOEFL score. IELTS, or TOEIC)
  • Have registered or accepted at the University of Maastricht
  • Registration Procedure and deadline:

Registration to the University of Maastricht separate scholarship application OTS. Applicants must first register in advance to the University of Maastricht through the website of Studielink and proof of registration of it in advance in the scholarship application.

Why it is better to choose a psychology course? This is the reason graduated from the college department of psychology, College of psychology in particular studying the mental, thinking, and human behavior in general. This program is suitable for those of You who want to learn the flow of thought, patterns of behavior, and actions of humans.

Hopefully, the psychologist is able to solve problems that occur in a series of complex human activity as well as provide professional advice as a solution. Basically there is no division of the department in the courses of the faculty of psychology. Faculty of Psychology known as program specialization in the five branches of the common, that is:

What the hell is the psychology, general and experimental?
The branches of this lecture is the center of the science of psychology fundamentals. The focus is to create or update kit psychological tests and develop a research methodology. On a branch of study will be established basic competencies that must be owned by someone with a formal background in psychology.

Clinical Psychology

The focus of learning psychology in this branch focuses on in-depth analysis of the behavior of individuals, which includes the case of the most mild to the most severe. Psychology will learn to make research related to the development of human mental ranging from infancy to the elderly.

The research will be studied scientifically involves the development of a child’s character towards adolescence and include the crisis of personality ranging from adults to the elderly. Not only that, You will analyze how effective the methods related with how to educate children.

Industrial and Organizational psychology

As the name suggests, You are ready to carry out the task of designing the psychological condition of employment in the industry and a company that can support productivity work more better and productive.

Educational Psychology

You will learn the essence of the application of each level of education, from early childhood to high SCHOOL as well as create a study that offers a solution to the problem of motivation and enthusiasm for learning for students. In the branch of psychology this, You can also plan a working system for a group of employees of the company.

Social Psychology

Branch of psychology is specifically studied the interaction of the individual or group with the environment. Not only that, social psychology also analyze the interaction of the mental state of a person by another person or group. You will learn how the natural character of a person can make it a leader, how the presence of a person can inspire a group, or how a group can unite and divide.

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