What is Google Apps For Business and how it can transform the way You work

Geografiana.com-The first thing that must be clarified is that the Google app is not another name for the storage of An Android App Google (or “Google Play” as they want us to call it now).

Google apps for business is the premium of 9 equipment Google that can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

The tools all the business applications that are useful and some of You most likely already familiar with such as Gmail and Google Docs. We will discuss the full list soon, but You may be asking yourself why You would pay to use the tools that are declared free.

Each tool can be customized to an organization’s needs with a standard way of tools can’t. A simple example is that You can have the power of Gmail (arguably email Service most powerful) with a personal email address that looks more professional as J ( @ ) businessname.com.

All applications are put in the cloud which means jobs, emails, calendar information and other data can be accessed and edited from any location with internet access.

Unlike the standard edition, a collection of applications which is covered by a 99.9% agreement level of service, and in case that is not possible rest period, there are services phone 24/7. Email support is also given exclusively to business customers. Ads can be removed from the business edition also.


As described above, may be some of the most significant of Gmail is that the organization can have an email address changes.

Other benefits include remote management of mobile devices, access, Outlook, extra email storage, and unlimited users on the domain and the configuration of the email can be customized and security settings, such as the requirements of the strength of the password.


Scheduling team meetings more easy by the delegation of the share feature in the calendar. You can share and integrate Your schedule in the calendar of other people or even publish your website and show slots available to Your customers.


When cloud storage is increasing in popularity, Google drive is inserted in the application for business and comes with 5GB per user.

If that’s not enough, can be enhanced by the 20GB other for an additional $ 4 per month. Files can also be shared with Your team or customers. Many types of files stored in Google Drive can also be opened from Your browser.


Word processing, spreadsheets and presentations can be built and collaborate online. This also includes exciting features You won’t find in Microsoft office such as being able to pull data directly from the web and into Your spreadsheet.

But at the same time Docs not have some of the more advanced features which You find in Microsoft Office and less reliable. Although it is generally agreed that for all but the most basic use, the business should stick with MS Office or open office, Docs is best for collaborative working (assuming You don’t have office 365 running with MS Office).


A website for your project can be built with Site without requiring knowledge of the code. Website pages can be shared publicly on the web or be more selective with team members or customers.


Share documents, sites, videos and other information with colleagues is made easy with the groups for business. The group can be set to share the project with various groups quickly.

Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

This allows You to collaborate online with office documents so that you can share, backup and edit documents with colleagues.

Google apps for business includes all these features for $5 per month or $50 annually. Is it worth it or not depends on the features that You’ll use and if You already have a solution for them. Compared with other solutions to work together and collaborate, the Google app is quite easy to set up and especially easy to maintain.

To a large business may not have the thickness of Microsoft Exchange Server, but for small and Medium business, Without the need for a method that is highly customizable operating, Google Apps is a simple and inexpensive options.

Visit Ancoris which is a Google apps authorized to offer assistance in all aspects of cloud computing including Google Drive.

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