The List of Applications Financial Regulator of the Best and Most Practical
The List of Applications Financial Regulator of the Best and Most Practical

The List of Applications Financial Regulator of the Best and Most Practical

A1AppStudio – The progress of the increasingly sophisticated technology of bringing the impact on human life, including the related financial activities. Now Parent Pinters can use the app the bookkeeper to help maintain the stability and to improve the financial conditions.

With the management system of digital below You will more easily realize the plans of the short or long term in the future.

Recommended Applications The Best Financial Management

Here are some of the app app financial regulator IOS and Android that should be available on Your smartphone.

1. Digital Wallet

Digital wallet aka e-wallet is an app that allows my saves Your money can be accessed online. The benefits are almost the same with the wallet conventional long as it never goes out of pockets or Your bag.

E wallet is more secure than carrying cash everywhere that will make You become a magnet for criminals. In addition to that e-money also facilitate Parent Pinters perform transactions anytime and anywhere.

E wallet can also be an option to give pocket money to the fruit of Your heart in a way that is safe and efficient.

2. Application to Manage the Finances

No longer need to create a balance sheet personal finance or financial with pages and pages of paper or thick books. Parent Pinters now lives just download the application of financial management on the App Store or Google Play.

Not only to arrange finance on a small scale, for example, family finances, You can also download the application of the financial business.

The app provides features that can help You organize your finances with a record of income and expenditure. With this app Parent Pinters can also keep track of the posts of the budget which is considered waste so that it can perform the evaluation.

These Data can be used as a reference to make financial planning is the most ideal for You.

3. Online Banking

To perform a variety of banking activities right now You don’t need to waste time visiting the office or branch. Online banking provides banking services the same as conventional banks in a way that is easy and practical.

Whenever and wherever the Parent Pinters can make transfers, pay shopping in online shop, pay monthly bills (electricity, water, and internet), and so on. Most large banks are leading in ground water has completed its services to online banking.

If you are confused to choose the bank with the service that best meets your financial needs, You live browsing of course. Now pretty much trusted site that displays the content of the concept of comparison of financial products.

So the Parent Pinters no need to waste time visiting the office of the bank one by one.

4. An Investment Online

Investment is now open for all people, not only to those who have large capital only. Anyway there is already an financial regulator Indonesian to develop Your funds in various investment instruments. This, among others, mutual funds, gold, stocks, and so on.

In order not to stuck being the victim of investment company bulging, Parent Pinters need to examine the legality and licensing platform such investment.

5 How To Set A Monthly Salary That Is Always Enough

Smart Guides To Manage The Financial

One of the purposes of managing finances is that in the future the Parent Pinters have a certain amount of funds for such purposes. This is for example the educational needs of children. Well, so these targets are met, You can try the following ways.

1. Budget

By planning Your finances is possible to control spending. Apply the principle of the 40:20:30:10, which is 40% for living expenses, 30% to pay regular bills, 20% savings and investments, and 10% to charity.

After making a budget, then You must be committed to make it happen.

2. Pay Cashless

Not only practical and safe, with pay non-cash Parent Pinters will be more easy to track your spending history. This excess is not will You feel if pay in the conventional manner.

The person is often unaware of where the money floated, and suddenly the already exhausted before the time payday comes.

Campaign payments are cashless which bloom also often offer a variety of bonuses, discounts, and cashback on merchant-merchant partners. It means You have the opportunity of shopping saving quality products.

Even so, don’t to temptation promotion of Your fishing to trade goods that are not needed.

3. Routine Check-up Financial Health

Not just the physical health that needs to be monitored regularly, but also Your financial health. With this habit You will find the parts that need to be corrected in the management of personal finance.

This is why having an financial statements of Android will be very helpful.

Financial check-up can be done with intensity 1 once a month, every 1 semester or every year. There are many advantages that You can get with a diligent check out the savings, asset, loans, income, and expenses.

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