Minimum Investment for Bitcoin Trading is Very Small (1$ Can)

A1AppStudio – How much money is needed to start buying and selling Bitcoin? Don’t be surprised, it’s very cheap, it can be from 1$. Where is it? How do I trade Bitcoin on an exchange?

But, before getting into investing in Bitcoin, the basic question is why Bitcoin.

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Fact About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is going through very interesting developments that make me want to try it. Here are a few reasons :

1. In the last 10 years the Bitcoin digital currency has survived and has even continued to grow.

This fended off many observers who were pessimistic at the beginning of its appearance that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency would die young.

There is no way Bitcoin could have lasted that long, if this digital currency had no value. Ten years, not a short period.

By the way , try to idly check on Google, how many news about experts, who predict that Bitcoin will die. There are a lot of it.

Every year, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are always predicted to die by experts, with various analyzes and reasons. The reality? You can see for yourself.

When Uber and Gojek first appeared several years ago, many people were pessimistic about the existence of this ride-hailing. Many predict his age will not be long. Not to mention the very strong resistance came from competitors, such as taxis, motorbike taxis, and even regulators at that time.

But, technology is always advancing, never going backward. Now, you can see how Uber and Gojek have developed.

The same, I think, will happen with Bitcoin. Bitcoin will not go backward, it will continue to advance, only it will progress slowly or fast.

Second, the price of Bitcoin, the most popular type of crypto coin (token), has increased dramatically. In just a matter of months, it broke its new all-time high.

Bitcoin is up 354% in 2020 as well as breaking its record high price since 2017. It beat the return of other financial assets.

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