Methods To Lure Google Images Traffic To AdSense Site I
Methods To Lure Google Images Traffic To AdSense Site I

Methods To Lure Google Images Traffic To AdSense Site I Image Google

The chart below shows how the size of a miniature Google specified:

Image – > Your Google Thumbnails
1000× – > 149 x 149
800 – > 143 x 143
600× – > 135 x 135
400× – > 124 x 124

So, as You can see, a miniature image of Google’s Biggest will be rendered, it is 149 x 149. Then, Measure down from there. So to get the real estate which is the most real on Google Images SERP, You need to have a large image. However, You do not want to be too big, because then You have the load time and the issue of bandwidth. For best results, create your image around 700px and be sure to use a compression tool such as “Save for Web” in Photoshop Adobe.

Why Google image moves differently from the pages of Google that normal?

On the page of Google, people almost never go to page two. Really, people today do not even like to go to the bottom of the folds. So the rank of Your page is very important here.

However, in Google Images, Both Serbia and User is different. Users of Google Images often go to page 2.3,4,5 and more. Ask yourself how many times You have rolled through Google Images find the perfect image. So rank Your actual should not be as important in Google Images.


The main way in which Google indexes Your images is with the ALT tag. Fortunately for us, the label ALT still desperate under focus. Only by understanding the ALT tag, You can surpass most of the pictures on the internet to niches certain.

What Niche to Target

You need to ask yourself which niches that are worthy of a picture. Word tattoo it’s worth it, for obvious reasons. People want to see pictures of tattoo and they will often look through dozens of pages to find that they like. People might also consider artists like Van Gogh or celebrities.

Making The Content Easy To

One good thing about this method, is You don’t have to write a lot. The user can’t even see the text or Description You on Google images. Also not the user really cares about what You say. They just want the image.

Aspect ratio limit and square tricks

The following is a tick free for yes. One day on eBay I see that they bill You extra just to put a black border around the image to your product. But, using Photoshop, you can easily do the same thing for free. If You see on the site my tattoo, all my pictures is the box – so they take up the most space on Google Images for the thumbnails that. Also, they all have black lines around them. By assumption, bordered images to help draw the eye in that direction.

Yes, But What Will Work?

I don’t know.

3: 00 p.m. in California. And here is my stats for the site of the tattoo:

Impression: 259
Clicks: 11
Page CTR: 4.25%
Earnings: $ 0.41

OK so I’m not a millionaire. But this site just a few weeks. I just indexed weeks ago. And I have yet to do the job out of place. Get a lot of impressions on sites such stupid with the score of 0 quality, and no work offsite quite impressive I think. And all visitors to it come from Google Images.

So we will see if, in the coming months, Google began to increase the payout per click.

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