How Google Chrome Extension Can Change The Browsing Experience You Chrome offers one of the browsing experience of the best for PC users. This is a ‘light’ so it doesn’t take that much memory space. Load web pages faster than other browsers.

Plus it works well with Adobe Flash. Chrome also has some nice features such as the seamless compatibility with Google services (Google Search, Gmail, Google Translate, Google Translate, and Google Drive), the ability to check the elements of the web page, and more.

One of the best things about this browser is the chrome extension. In the most basic sense, the extension is the application that can be installed in Your browser. They ‘extend’ feature of Chrome browser with added functionality. With their help, you can improve your experience.

For office workers

Are You trying to be’ employee of the month ‘ or browse the web page that You do not have to see while working, there is the extension just for You. Stay focused is the perfect app if you want to focus on your work and finish it all. This limits the time browsing in the site which would otherwise distract You.

The panic button to do the opposite. You can see the page as much as you can and hide them all at once with one click. It is the extension which is great for those who are too busy browsing but don’t want to get caught.

Stay in the loop with the Google Mail Checker, a plugin that will alert You to new mail and how many are currently unread in Your inbox. If there is a webpage is important or document You want to save, You may want to install send to Kindle (if You have a Kindle), Save to pocket, or save it in Google Drive.

With Sidekick, You can monitor email You send, and more. The app also reveals the activities of emails recently. You can schedule emails eve to be sent later with the SideKick.

To the author

Afraid you make grammatical errors online? There are Grammarly, the Chrome Plugin that is active check the spelling and grammar when writing in any web page, whether it is status post on Facebook, a tweet, or article that You’re writing in WordPress.

If You often stumble on a page in a foreign language, there are extensions Google Translator allows You to translate the pages or the complete word-specific word, phrase, or sentence to the language that You prefer just a couple of clicks.

For users of the social media series

Hootlet is a useful extensions developed by Hootsuite, a social media manager third party. Hootsuite allows you to create and schedule content across various social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Hootlet have the same features except allows you to perform actions directly from the Chrome browser.

The user who is active on Google+ should install the circuit around, analyzer tool third parties to this social platform. This allows You to track Your followers, recent posts, and more – as well as people from people or brands You follow, or that You deem as competition. Meanwhile, Twitter users will benefit more than just compete. This allows You to easily keep track of the score Klout from a Twitter account as well as the performance of the tweets.

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